I believe in real moments, genuine emotion and photos that speak to your soul. But to make all that happen, you need more than a good camera. Those candid photos you’re falling in love with on social media often require direction and hype (psst…that’s where I come in). My promise is there will be no fake smiles because you’ll genuinely be having a good time.

By paying attention to the little moments and deeply getting to know you I create an experience that helps you feel natural and relaxed; leaving you with photos that feel like YOU. I desire to be a “couldn’t have done it without you” part of your wedding. You can be sure that your wedding day will be captured perfectly because I’ll be right there with you.

I focus on the all details that you’ve been planning, the friends and family that you’ve invited to celebrate alongside you and the love that you and your fiance been nurturing and growing together. I want to capture everything for you from your invitations to stolen kisses and everything in between; all beautifully cemented in time. It is my deepest desire to leave you with wedding photos that remain gorgeous and timeless, forever.


I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Gainesville, Florida. I’ve been specializing in wedding photography since 2016 but have been professionally taking photos since I was sixteen years old. To my friends I’m a baby-faced, old-souled millenial (yeah, I own it) still trying to figure out life. I like to enjoy the very best things… those being Jesus, the Jonas Brothers, roller coasters and gas-station slurpees. I believe the best in people and get to experience it all with my special couples.