When working with me, you’re getting a confident and professional vendor that you and your family will love. You’re also getting a third-wheel, a get-stuff-done friend and a hype woman. I’ve mastered the art of blending in and of taking charge. I know the secrets to getting you relaxed in front of the camera and at the end of the day, you’ll realize you never had to worry about missing a single moment because I was there with you capturing it all.

On your wedding day I’ll be snatching hair-ties off wrists, making sure you’re on your good side, and double checking that everyone’s got their eyes on me. You’ll get directions on posing, some sweet candids, and yes, of course you’ll get that mantle-worthy family photo your great aunt Gertrude expects. I’ll send you tons of excitement leading up to the big day, and I’ll be there to dance it out with you until all the nerves are gone. One of the biggest compliments I get is when guests ask how long I’ve known my couples because of how easily we work together and how friendly we are.

Bottom line, I’m here for you: from first email to grand exit.




Where do you live? Will you travel for our wedding?

Right now I call North Florida home but I've been hoping to change that for quite some time. So to keep my gypsy soul fulfilled I book in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina at reduced travel rates. All this to say, wherever your wedding is at... I'll be there!

Do you have a “must get” list of images you want to produce? Can you share a little bit about what you aim to capture with us?

I don’t go into a wedding day with any one specific image in my mind. I have scenarios that I use on every wedding day to give structure to the shots that I produce. IE: while getting ready I’ll capture you with the person getting you in the dress, putting on earrings, etc. But as each location, light and wedding day is unique, your pictures will be also! I will absolutely take into consideration any important moments that you would like captured on your wedding day. I aim to capture both posed portraits and various candid photos throughout the day to provide you with a complete and comprehensive coverage of your day. But trust me, everything I do will be to make sure you're looking FLY.

Have you ever worked at my wedding site before? If not, can we schedule a day to do a walk-through?

You can totally stalk my blog searching for your venue by name and see any weddings I’ve done at your site. Also, feel free to request to view a full gallery at your location if its up there. If I have not been to your venue before, this is where the whole trusting each other thing is going to play in. I have TONS of experience shooting in all different lighting and location scenarios. I also tend to show up early to scout locations and light on the day of and to get a feel for everything once it is set up & lookin’ fly. Even if we visit together, if its raining and the sun is out on your wedding day everything will look totally different. So don't worry, I gotchu. This is all so you can rest easy and know that you're going to have beautiful images of your big day!

We're ready to book! What's next to reserve our date?

Hop on over to the contact page and submit the inquiry form. Give me as many details as possible!! I want to know it all so I can quote you accurately for what you need. If you don't know what you want, be honest and let me know that too. I'm happy to educate you on how wedding photography works and what you might need. We'll exchange some logistics and some heartfelt words. Once you're totally ready, you'll sign your contract and submit a $750 non-refundable deposit. This deposit goes towards all of the time spent chatting, planning and preparing for your wedding and to make sure none of us get cold feet!

What happens after the wedding? When do I get the goods?

Your images are delivered via online gallery with personal download link within 6 weeks of your wedding. You can share this link with family and friends and we have made it super easy for them to use. They can even buy prints straight from your gallery - rid of blurs, blinks and duplicates. I’m not keeping anything hostage! If you have only me, you'll receive approximately 500+ images, and adding a second photographer can bring that up to anywhere from 750 delivered images - possibly more. These round numbers will always depend on how much is going on during your coverage hours, how much time we have in the timeline (and if everything runs according to schedule), and whether or not you book a second shooter. There's also options to add on rush delivery and I'll be introducing same-day slideshow options very soon!

I really want you to be my photographer, but our budget is lower than your prices. What can I do?

It was best said "if you never try, you'll never know." My packages are created to appeal to couples but still allow me to run my business and cover costs of doing so. I love working with people who value my work. If you absolutely want me for your wedding day, I am confident that we can find a compromise to make that happen. If you are totally transparent with me on what you can afford, I will give you the same respect and let you know what I can do for you.

Austin & Sammy

We loved Arielle so much! My husband and I were so nervous we would feel awkward and uncomfortable while taking all of our wedding photos, but Arielle made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun with her! She really listened to us and gave us some great direction as well! As a bride it is important to connect with your photographer on your wedding day and Arielle made it really easy!


Corey & Kelly

We are so HAPPY that we chose Arielle to be our photographer! Our wedding and engagement pictures turned our beautiful! We could not love them more. She helped us with poses and scheduling and made us feel super comfortable while taking pictures. She is also SO much fun to be around which is a huge plus when her job is literally to follow you around all day.


Harrison & Emily

Arielle was absolutely OUTSTANDING. She is so sweet and caring but also so very talented. She did our engagement and wedding photos and the whole experience was very comfortable and easy. It happened to monsoon during our outdoor wedding and I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t have enough pictures. Boy was I wrong.. Arielle worked magic in spite of the storm and our pictures were spectacular. It takes someone special to be so flexibile and versatile to ensure to capture all of the special moments of a wedding day. My husband and I HIGHLY recommend Arielle. She really was such a blessing and I have the utmost confidence that she will be to you as well.