First 5 Things You Should do
When You Get Engaged!

You’ve read all the wedding blogs and pinned your color scheme on Pinterest but now that the ring has hit you’re finger you don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry!! Wedding planning can be broken down into simple, manageable steps…. you just need to know where to look. So I’m breaking down my top wedding planning tips for you! 

Now that its official and you’ve taken on the title of FEYONCÉ, you’ve got some work to do. Below you’ll find the first 5 things every engaged person should do. Starting with: 

1. Post about it!!

Obviously this is a given. We live in a world fueled by social media and nothing feels better than the swarm of congratulations that is awaiting you. Soak it all up!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving the attention and being excited about this next step. Post that ring selfie and gush about your bae. Everyone in your squad will be super excited for you and want you to be oh so joyous going into this new season. 

2. Have that MONEY talk.

The wedding industry is a wild and crazy beast. Truly, weddings can range from a backyard private ceremony to a wild-n-out multi-day celebration. The best way to start this talk is to crack open a bottle of wine, or root beer (you do you), and talk to your fiancé about what you both want. This will be your first test of compromise as an almost married couple. Once you’ve nailed down an idea of what you want, you can reach out to family members to see what financial resources they have to help. There are a TON of resources when it comes to figuring out your wedding budget. I recommend using USA Today and other estimating websites to see what the average people spend in your area is. 

3. Location and Date 

A snow-capped mountainside elopement or a classic spring beachside ceremony. While you were talking about money I’m sure the subject of WHEN this wedding is happening came up. So now that we know neither of you want to sweat it out in a four piece suit, you can narrow down an idea of dates. This will help you weed through locations and find the perfect venue for your celebration. There is such a wide range of architecture styles available that you’ll have to tour several before you step foot in the ONE. Having a date, or season, in mind will help you narrow down a venue based on availability. But going in with flexibility will also help if you have your date set on a venue that fills up quickly! 

4. Plan your wedding party

If you have certain VIPs, like your parents or siblings, you may want to invite them in earlier in the conversation while planning a date so that you can be warned of any job or travel conflicts. It is YOUR day, so do what you will, but it would be a super bummer if everything fell into place and then you found out your brother can’t make it. Now that you have a date you can reach out to your besties. The save-the-dates come later but these are really the first.

This is the most fun step to me with the recent trend of friend-proposals. These small sentimental gifts let your friends know how much you value them and its a fun excuse to spoil your besties so they say yes. Don’t be discouraged if one of your friends can’t commit. Being in a wedding party is a HUGE time and financial commitment. I actually think its super respectful if someone knows they can’t be 100% in it. They still love you and will be there to celebrate but they know its about YOU and if that’s not something they can swing, just hug them tight and thank them for being them! 

5. Start your research 

So you’ve been following that florist on instagram because your cousin a couple years ago used her. And you’ve gotten really into the true-to-life photography and you KNOW you just have to have the perfect photographer (*cough* that’s me! *cough*). Reaching out at the right time, and finding the vendors that get your vibe is crucial to having the perfect wedding day.

Some of your favorite vendors might book up anywhere from 8 – 12 months in advance so don’t wait to book your top priorities. Be sure to stay connected with vendors you love on social media. You never know when they’re gonna run a special. These don’t happen often so if you have your heart set on someone, don’t hesitate.

Most vendors genuinely want you to have the best day ever, so don’t be afraid to open up that dialogue with them about their rates and services. As you book vendors, use them as wedding experts and resources. You only do this once, we do this every weekend! Our minds are full of tips and tricks that we want to share with you. 

Wedding planning can appear to be a daunting task. But by breaking it down into small, manageable tasks you can take on the world. And I’m here to help! The big soirees and perfectly matched linens are great and all but at the end of the day, you’re celebrating a marriage. A lifetime ahead of happiness and love shared with your favorite person. That’s why you do this. Don’t let it get lost in the hustle and bustle of the ‘wedding’.  

Stay tuned as I give you my monthly check-in planning guide. From the day you book I’m on your team making sure you’re on track. And I want to share with you my tips for a one-year wedding plan. But for now, go take that bubble bath, crack open a bottle of something cold, and cuddle up with that cutie that was smart enough to put a ring on it. Breathe, you’ve got this!!